Q1. If I request a service call by email how long before someone contacts me?
A. Within 24 hours we will contact the nominated person as long as correct details have been supplied or entered.

Q2. If I have work done what warranties do you offer?
A. All new & replacement parts have minimum 1 year warranties & workmanship 1 year as well.

Q3. What areas in Melbourne do you service?
A. We travel to most of metropolitan Melbourne – see “about us” page for more info.

Q4. Do you supply new alarms/cameras?
A. Yes we supply & fit new alarm & camera systems tailored for your needs.

Q5. My alarm/camera system is old, can it be fixed?
A. We specialise in repairing existing & older systems, if practical & parts are available we can repair many common faults.

Q6. My alarm system constantly has false alarms, what can I do?
A. The first thing is buy good quality surface/insect spray (lasts up to 6 months) & spray around – NOT on the sensors. If problems persist book a service call.

Q7. Will my insurance company give me a discount if I have an alarm?
A. Yes many companies do – if yours does not find one that does. Additional discounts for back to base monitored alarms also apply.

Q8. Do you provide alarm monitoring services?
A. Yes through our highly professional monitoring station both businesses & homes can be protected. Our policy is NO CONTRACTS for security monitoring just pay by the month.

Q9. How long does a backup battery last?
A. The average lifespan is 3 years maybe more. Australian standards recommends a 12 month change over. A battery in good condition will help to protect your system from power failures – surges, black & brown outs.