Knowing who is & was at your premises is an integral part of your security strategy. Intercoms enable you to hear, see & allow entry to closed or locked areas from a secure position, Some models even take a snapshot or short video when triggered.

Audio Only Handsfree Master Station  with Surface Mount Metal Door Station up to 4 Additional Sub stations can be added with internal communications and Door Release function, Requires 16AC Power Supply.



Aiphone JF series colour video intercom features TFT colour LCD for crisp clear video images. The JF-2MED series will support up to two colour video door stations and a maximum of three colour video room stations. An audio only room station is available as well as an audio only door station. The JF also features true hands free operation, so after a call from a door station is acknowledged all communication with the door station can be carried out without pressing any buttons.
Features of the 'JF' Series include:
• A variety of kits available with up to two video door stations and up to three internal stations
• Clear crisp colour image with 90mm TFT colour LCD
• Handsfree communications
• All Call allows internal communications
• Choice of 3 door stations including vandal resistant flush and surface mount models
• White LED illumination for low light viewing
• Door release activation from inside station
• NTSC composite video output
• JF-2MED Video images from the door can be recorded using the builtin picture memory unit
• Selectively release each door


7" Color TFT Handsfree Monitor.
Stainless Steel Flush Door Station with LED night vision.
Supports upto 4x Internal Monitors & 2x Door stations.
Has Internal communications between Monitors when Expanded.
Door Release.
Supplied with Power Supply.


The room stations are available for wall or desk mounting. The 5 and 10 call master room stations have door release facility. As with other Aiphone intercoms, the LEF series can be upgraded to include MY Series PanTilt CCD cameras and video room stations. The LEF series can also be integrated with background music.
The LEF system can be configured as a single master system with sub stations cabled to the master. In this configuration the sub stations will only communicate with the door and the master station. There is no communication between sub stations. Alternatively, in an all master system all stations can communicate with all other stations as well as the door station. The LEF series can be configured with a mixture of different master stations and sub stations to achieve virtually any desired outcome.
Features of the LEF Series include:
• Intermix master and sub stations in any combination to create the desired system
• Selective calling, monitoring and optional All Call
• 3, 5 and 10 call master stations
• Wide variety of sub stations available
• Push-to-Talk at master
• Hands free reply at sub stations
• Call tone and LED annunciation at master
• PanTilt video can be added with the MY Series video intercom


Expanding up to a total of 4 indoor monitors
and 2 door cameras.
2-wire installation throughout the system.
Intercom function among monitors.
Suitable for villa and office purpose.
Expansion monitor can choose video or non-video.
Remote door release control.
Optional door sensor for status indication.
External sound or light indicator other than bell.
Automatic light supplement by white light LED.
Micro SD card slot with memory model