Alarms protect person & property. Back to base monitoring is a proven to minimise risk & defend against intruders. Do not take chances - business is your livelihood & your home is your castle. Prevention REALLY IS better than cure.

Close Circuit Television. Cameras connect usually through a hard wired cable back to a screen & or recording device(DVR). Now days most are an integrated design. That is the lens & processor are housed in the same enclosure. Commonly incorporating infra red technology, vandal & weather resistance.

Many businesses have digital recording systems integrated as  part of their health & safety plans. Current trends are for 30 days or more to be available for investigation. Combined with off-site viewing, time & date stamps this makes cameras  practical & realistic for workplaces & homes alike.

Knowing who is & was at your premises is an integral part of your security strategy. Intercoms enable you to hear, see & allow entry to closed or locked areas from a secure position, Some models even take a snapshot or short video when triggered.